Sunday, December 11, 2005

Do not shake - contents under pressure.

Do you ever get out of the shower and realize you didn't rinse the conditioner out of your hair? Oh yeah, me neither.

Also, why oh why can't I get motivated to study for this stupid exam? I swear, it's like I just don't care if I pass or fail...hey...wait a minute....

No really, I only have one exam so I basically waited until today to start "really" studying because I work best under pressure. The problem is, I'm not feeling any pressure because I just don't care anymore (B, B+,'s all kind of the same these days -- a concept I like to think of as "Not Top 10% So It Doesn't Matter To Anyone, Ever, At All, In Any Way"). Thus, my plan has backfired. Also, for an open book Crim Pro exam where he does the same format every year, it's hard to get too bent out of shape...I mean, it's not really that difficult -- it's not Fed Courts, that's for sure.

So, I'm going to try to put in a couple of more diligent hours tonight. Tomorrow I have to go get one of those FM transmitter thingies that will let me play my Ipod in the car since there is no CD player and it's a long drive home through the mountains with spotty radio stations. And at some point I have to get one of those long-lasting food tablet things to throw in the Beefster's tank when I leave so hopefully he won't die over Christmas. Also, my Legal Research prof said our final memo is graded and we can pick that up tomorrow as well, so I will definitely be doing that as I'm dying to know how I did (moderately bad? totally bad? kinda bad?).

The one and only exam is on Tuesday morning at 8:30, and then I'm leaving straight from there to drive mom's big annual Holiday Block Party is Wednesday night and she has STRONGLY HINTED how great it would be if I was there to help get that ready. That means I also have to pack up the car tomorrow too...perhaps I SHOULD have done a little more today! Oh well. The good news is that, as always, the curve is on my side and the wind is at my back, or whatever.
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