Monday, December 26, 2005

Home again, home again.

Well, due to a job interview tomorrow (which, by the way, they rescheduled the other day and have yet to tell me when/where it will be -- just that it's tomorrow), I had to come home from break early. I guess technically I LEFT home early, and came the TVPNM.

I celebrated the day after Christmas by sitting in traffic behind about a million of the world's hugest f*cknuts who all acted like it was their first damn day behind the wheel. I swear to God...what the hell is wrong with people? And I'm happy to report that almost every car had at least a couple of carseats, complete with children climbing all over the backseat instead of being strapped in, so apparently the idiotic masses are still taking seriously their charge to keep the world overpopulated with future Wal-Mart shoppers.

I'm grouchy. If I came home a week early for an interview (second interview) and I don't at least get a nice rejection letter I am going to be semi- to mostly-pissed. Beefy is miraculously still alive though, so that's nice. And I'm going to have to time to get all my shit organized before school starts next week, so that's good too I suppose. Until cream and sleep, in that order.
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