Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Weird Day...

In my CrimLaw class someone has to be an "expert" everyday on whatever topic we are studying that day. My day is tomorrow, but my good friend had her day today. It went like this:

Prof: "Well, what do you think about the provocation defense when it's used by people who kill someone OTHER than the person they were angry with...?"
(oops, you're not the guy who was screwing my wife...sorry about that)
My Friend (hopefully still my friend after she sees this): "Well, gee, if you're gonna kill someone you probably ought to take the extra minute and make sure you're killing the right person."

Well said!

Like I said, tomorrow is my day, and I will have to talk into a microphone, so I'm sure my pseudo-Tourette's will be acting up!

In other news -- I got accosted by ANOTHER LaRouche zombie today on my way back from lunch...she asked me "Do you want to get information on how to stop the war in Iraq" and I said "no" (mainly because I don't want to hear it from her and honestly I think LaRouche is crazy...I would LOVE for the war in Iraq to stop and for all my friends to come home safe) she SCREAMS "You DON'T WANT to STOP the war in Iraq???????" and I turned around and almost got into it with her but decided against it...I have too much work to do to stand on the street arguing with a crazy person, plus, it's Cinco de can't be mad on Cinco de Mayo...right??
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