Monday, May 24, 2004

Germany Revisited

This orchestra in Germany carves their "instruments" out of vegetables and then, at the end of the concert, they make vegetable soup.

I was in Germany a couple of summers ago for work, but due to the fact that I spent the entire time at the pub across the street from my hotel I was unable to catch the vegetable orchestra. However, I did drink enough beer that at one point I thought I saw Santa Claus, and I got all excited and said to everyone I was with "OHMYGOD, there's Santa Claus!!!" And one of my fellow travelers goes "THAT is an ice cream cone painted on the window of the shop across the street." Oh. Yeah. I knew that. And also, it's not my fault they put the dart board right next to the door to the men's restroom. It's an alcohol establishment...these things happen.

UPDATE: The orchestra was PLAYING in Germany, it's not permanently located in Germany. I'm a dummy.
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