Saturday, May 15, 2004

Interview with Me.

Here is what I need to be asking myself right now.

Q: "Why do you insist on sitting around watching cheesy love movies on ABC Family Channel all day long?"

A: "Well, I'll tell you...there's nothing I love more than to be reminded over and over again that the only way anyone ever finds their soulmate is if some neurotic, lonely, cigarette smoking writer sitting in a dark tortured office somewhere writes it into the script. Except weeping. I love that more."

Q: "How come all the girls in these movies are beautiful, smart, successful, witty and talented and can't find a 'good man?'"

A: "The good men have slowly been secreted away in dark caves by extraterrestrials where they are woven into huge cocoons and used as a food source for the cicadas that come out and torture our nation's youth every 17 years."

Q: "How come every single one of these movies follows the same format? Girl meets Boy, Girl thinks he's not the 'right' Boy, Girl moves on to new Boy, Girl decides she loves first Boy, Boy has new Girl, Girl wins Boy back by proving how smart, talented, witty and hot she is, Boy succumbs after realizing that true love is what he's been searching for all along and only Girl will do, and plus she's hot."

A: "You mean that's not real?"
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