Friday, May 07, 2004

$100 gone...just GONE

I spent $100 to get my hair done today, something that I think only girls probably do on a regular basis (spending that amount of money, not getting their hair done, or at least cut), and the man that did my color and highlights not only subjected me to a diatribe on what's going on in the Middle East, but he also poked me in the eye (HARD) while washing my hair, and didn't do a great job on my hair (although after he washed it he declared "I did a damn good job!" for all to hear, of course, I couldn't tell because I was too busy trying to hold my eyeball in). For $100 I expect at the very least to be able to relax. Think of all of the ways I COULD have spent that $100 that would have allowed me to relax/have fun/forget law school.

100 20 oz. Diet Cokes
50 bags of Hershey's Caramel Kisses
10 pitchers of Rogue Dead Guy Ale -- a wonderful beer made near my hometown in Oregon
5 pedicures where they paint little tiny flowers on your big toes and put a rhinestone in the middle of each one
4 ridiculously expensive lip glosses from Sephora that I would love and cherish and ultimately leave on the bus
2 tickets to see Jimmy Buffet this summer
1 of my favorite X-box game EVER...PLUS enough money left over to rent a car and go home for the weekend to play it on my parents' X-Box (b/c I'm poor and X-Box-less and also they feed me and my mom does my laundry...I know, it's sick)

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