Monday, May 17, 2004

Finally...a refreshing, just for the taste of it cult

The Cult of Diet Coke...very interesting, especially given my almost fanatical devotion to Diet Coke. At a restaurant when the waitress says "Is Diet Pepsi OK?" I say "No, bring me water." I own the following Diet Coke merchandise: socks, keychain, magnet, baseball cap, and t-shirt. When I had a bad day at work my troops used to leave cold Diet Cokes on my desk, and the JAG office gave me a 2-liter bottle with a big red bow EVERY Christmas. I am not the only person in my family addicted either, my dad is just as bad as me. When he was in the hospital a couple years ago he wore his Diet Coke baseball cap everywhere and even had the nurses sneaking it in to him. I would say that I drink probably 2+ liters of refreshing Diet Coke per day...more during finals. Even my ex-husband got into the act...he used to taunt me on road trips by only drinking Diet Pepsi and if I left any of the snack buying responsibilities to him he would come back with anything BUT Diet Coke and see if I would get desperate enough to drink it. Of course, he also liked to juggle knives when he drank...not really a paragon of good decision making. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that if you ask ANYONE who has known me in the past ten years the one thing they remember about me, I can almost guarantee they will say "She sure does love Diet Coke." And I do.
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