Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Solo Argument After Action Report

So, the solo appellate argument went really well, much more smoothly than I had ever hoped for. I really want to post a big long "thing" about it, but in the interest of what would happen should any of these people ever read this, I think I will err on the side of caution. Suffice it to say that I was the only person who showed up in a suit, which in normal life would make me a huge blowhard, but in law school is kind of desirable I think. And the professor told me I was a "natural" which was kind of cool. It's fun to find out that maybe I was right when I thought I might be able to be good at just this one thing in law school...and it's a bright spot in my year to think that I might come out of this whole law school experience a semi-competent professional!

Overall, I'm SOOOOO glad this class is now officially over, and I think just to prove how excited I am I'm going to go get a few drinkie-poo's. Nothing says "I will never have to go through Basic Legal Skills again" like a red apple martini...nothing!

The only other big news today is that we got our preliminary schedules today and I got into the Evidence class I wanted (not graded on a curve) and into a special seminar on "Law and Terrorism" which is right up my alley (legal interest-wise that is). All in all, a really good day :)
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