Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I am going home tomorrow morning, so expect light posting (maybe...depends how bored I am and how bad I want to distract myself from outlining) through Memorial Day. You might be asking yourself..."Don't her exams start a week from Monday?" Yes. Yes they do. I have decided that I need to get away though ...more than I need to spend another weekend sitting in the library being a veritble human sponge for all the stress and anxiety going on. Besides, my dad got home from his business trip early so I think a family TigerWoods Golf X-box deathmatch is in order.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. It's really beautiful there and there's tons to do...but I have to get my Property outline plus one last CrimLaw paper done. I'm pretending right now that ConLaw doesn't exist...denial is currently my best friend. Plus my dad has decided that I should pack up as much of my stuff as possible and bring it home, so I'm actually trying to comply because I'm hoping it will keep him out of my hair once school is done. He seems to think he and my mom will be on my doorstep directly after my last exam to move the rest of my stuff into storage for the summer. Uh, no. How do you explain to your very conservative, non-drinking parents that they need to give you a couple days to get drunk out of your mind in "celebration" of the end of 1L...the kind of celebration that will probably give me a three day hangover...but whatever.
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