Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Moot Court...The Sequel (kind of)

There is another, smaller, specialized Moot Court competition tonight and I am going to be participating in it in an attempt to get some experience since I had to miss regular Moot Court a couple of weeks ago. It's sort of hard after putting the problem and the brief out of my mind to delve back in and try to come up with arguments and answers for potential questions, especially when I never got the questions in the first place. But, a friend helped by quizzing me this afternoon, and even though I am (unexpectedly) nervous, I'm hoping to get some good feedback from the judges and some experience. I feel like with public speaking there is no such thing as forcing yourself to do it too much. Anyway, I'm off to finish reading the material, get all dressed up in a stuffy suit, and hopefully not embarrass myself to the point where I have to drop out of school in shame.
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