Sunday, May 09, 2004

Frogs, Meet Brief...Brief, Go to Hell.

"California biologists are alarmed over the latest invasive species to take up residence in this city: African clawed frogs, which eat just about anything and tend to breed like crazy...they alter ecosystems by gobbling up insects, fish, lizards and even birds that fit into their large, tongueless mouths."

Too tired to comment...nobody informed me that the Table of Authorities would take roughly as long to finish as the last ice age. I've given up on the bus scenario (see Update below), but I've moved on to hoping for an infestation of African clawed frogs...although I bet they wouldn't eat my brief. It's probably the only thing on the whole planet they wouldn't shove into their large, tongueless mouths...(Note to mind: Get out of the gutter). Anyway, no word from my partner yet so I'm toiling in solitude just waiting for the frogs.
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