Thursday, May 20, 2004

Crow v Seagull (2004)

I just saw a crow and a seagull have a fight, IN THE AIR, over a pizza crust. It was so cool! Even better than the time I saw a hawk fly off with a squirrel from my backyard, but that furry little birdseed gobbler had it coming. And, as long as we're on the topic, why does the furry tail make a squirrel more appealing than a rat? We went to the Grand Canyon this summer and there were signs ALL over the place warning about the squirrels...apparently they have fleas the carry bubonic plague or something. The signs are white and show an evil looking squirrel who looks like he's going to jump out and latch on to your carotid artery and then a big red circle and line thingie over the squirrel. I wonder what people who come to this country and visit the Grand Canyon tell the folks back home? "I went to America and they have evil, diseased, attack squirrels EVERYWHERE!!"

And just in case anyone besides me is even remotely interested...the crow won. Go Crows!

UPDATE: I just had to look it here, from the website of the Grand Canyon itself (at least one that looks fairly legit), is the final word on Attack of the Evil Diseased Killer Squirrels 2004:

"The South Rim’s rock squirrels are accomplished beggars! Look for them around the snack bar. They’ll do almost anything to get your attention. On our last trip, a squirrel stood a rock wall and extended his arms towards Tony as if he were his long, lost father. Tony resisted the temptation to reward him. And, cute as they are, they also bite and carry bubonic plague and rabies which affect people throughout the Southwest every year."
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