Thursday, May 13, 2004

OCI 2...When Government Agencies Don't Show Up

Today was supposed to be the "big day"...the day that I had been waiting for all week...OCI advice from Government Agencies. The "revised" schedule that came out this morning featured one prosecutor, one defense attorney, and one representative from a state agency. I don't know whether federal agencies were invited or not, but no federal reps were on the agenda. By the time the meeting rolled around, the prosecutor and defense attorney both had been called to meetings and couldn't make it and so we were left with one lonely state representative. She was very nice and perky and tried desperately to interest us in state jobs and even maintained her composure when three of the seven or so people there got up and left halfway through the meeting. Overall, I would say that at least it was much more positive in terms of what they're looking for (or willing to accept) compared to the OCI info session with firms on Tuesday. A huge percentage of the grads of this school go into public interest work, which is great...but I think it's very specific types of public interest work and everything else is just sort of left out there for us to explore...the Legal Badlands if you will.

Honestly, almost every single one of my professors has used the phrase "good enough for government work" at least once or twice in class. It probably sounds naive to other people, but I often have a hard time believing that people really feel that way, even though it's apparent that many do. I'm pretty dedicated to a career in public service, which I totally understand isn't everyone's thing...but today was the first day I sort of felt like I was being subtly brainwashed into a destiny that I'm pretty sure isn't the one I am looking, "If you want support you have to follow 'The Path.'" Very strange.

Alright, I feel like I've been a bit maudlin today...back tomorrow with something uplifting, I promise!
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