Saturday, May 15, 2004

Things I'm doing instead of studying...

I am supposed to be diligently getting caught up on Property today...unfortunately, unless my Property "AH-HA" moment is going to be sparked by reading blogs and playing Bejeweled, I'm not making much progess. My morning activities thus far:

1. Check email...only once...oh ok...fifty seven times.
2. Make healthy smoothie. Decide today is the first day of the rest of my nutritional life. Vow to add vitamins to my "to-do" list.
3. Clean room. Give up halfway through and shove all the laundry in the closet and light a candle.
4. Check blogs just to make sure everyone is still there. one vanished overnight.
5. Eat one small bite of cake that I made for roommate and I last night. Decide that if I take one small bite there is a tiny but noticeable divot so take one small bite across entire cut side of cake to make sure it's even.
6. Check blogs and email again. Just to be sure.
7. Play Bejeweled. Almost beat high score so play thirty more times just in case today is my lucky day. It's not.
8. Consider how to turn a Chimay bottle into a candle. Decide that I am approximately 10 years too old for this type of craft project.
9. Decide to have chips and french onion dip for lunch because I already ruined my "diet" with the cake. Spend inordinate amount of time picking out the chips that look "weird."
10. Get out Property supplement. AND Property Book. Use both to prop up laptop so I can blog more comfortably.
11. Think up things I can do with horrendously ugly sunflower paperweight given to me by boy that turned out to be too hard to train. Decide it will make a fabulous contribution to the Public Interest silent auction next year. Decide that's too far away. Try to give it to undergrad roommate. No luck. Save as potential weapon in case someone ever breaks in and tries to steal any of the stuff I DO like.
12. Organize highlighters in reverse rainbow order. Sniff them all to make sure none are the good kind that smell like fruit. Nope.
13. Put on flip-flops and go to convenience store to get Diet Coke. Decide that if I ever have three wishes one of them will be for a never ending supply of Diet Coke delivered daily, chilled, to my home. Make note to self to let Cabana Boy be in charge of this...having responsibility builds self-esteem.
14. Write this list and reorganize and reformat it fifteen times.

Oh my god, I am never going to learn Property.
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