Friday, May 28, 2004

Progress Update

Property outlining is going well...although I'm not sure I can pass the exam with just one chapter outlined REALLY that could be a problem. On the upside, I discovered that my parent's computer keyboard has an "f" key that doesn't work too when I went back through what I had done so far I realized that sometimes, without the "f", a burden of production actually "shits"...which is kind of funny in and of itself.

In other news...Molly the Satanic Dog is at it again as well...yesterday my mom took her to the Alzheimer's and Memory Center so that Molly can do her "therapy dog" thing and try to cheer up the old folks. was cookie day where the people there make cookies and then they have a little social hour or whatever. So this little frail old lady has her cookies in a bag tied to the front of her walker and Molly mows her down, eats the cookies, then gets under the coffee table where someone has left a styrofoam cup and gets it stuck over her muzzle and goes nuts...running around the room all hopped up on cookies and swinging her new styrofoam nose cup around. My mom was so mortified.... I guess the Alzheimer's center still wants them to come visit, just maybe not on cookie day anymore.
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