Monday, May 17, 2004

The truth about killer Cicadas...

Thanks to Mark Ashton for this's an excerpt:

FACT: Cicadas are vicious killers.

FACT: Cicadas prey on innocent children and pets.

FACT: Cicadas are seething with deadly venom and flesh-
eating bacteria.

FACT: This year Cicadas in Cincinnati will kill more people
than snakes, spiders, scorpions, and sharks combined!

What do Cicadas eat? Human children are the primary source of nutrition for

Are Cicadas poisonous? Yes, Cicadas have a deadly venom that is injected through a small bone like tube known as the "Cicada deadly venom tube". The venom can kill a human being instantly. In 1987, the last time the Cicadas emerged in Cincinnati, over 7 million people died from Cicada injections. Many people escaped but most perished.

I'm thinking perhaps my hypothesis isn't as crazy as it first seemed!!
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