Saturday, May 01, 2004


For me, lifesickness is like homesickness...sometimes I just miss my old life in this terrible aching way that surprises even me. It is a beautiful night here and if I was in Texas I would be at The Flying Saucer with my buddies drinking Chimay and bitching about work and laughing at all the girls dressed up like Samantha Jones to come to a beer joint on a Saturday night. We do not have a chummy law school...unless you mean "chummy" in the "calling all sharks" kind of way. People are weirdly serious and self-absorbed all the time and spend a lot of time playing what I call Library Anorexia (I was in the library for 10 hours yesterday...oh yeah, well I was in the library for 12 hours and then stayed up all night studying...oh yeah, well I stayed up all night studying in the library where I've dug a small hole out of the concrete floor so that I can actually be one with the infrastructure of infinitum). So, it's a beautiful night, perfect for Jimmy Buffett and brews and long philosophical talks about women and men and whether they'll ever get along, and I feel lifesick.
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