Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You'll never hear me say getting divorced was a bad idea.

So, I spent about an hour and a half in the company of the FBI this afternoon answering questions. I think what they really wanted was to find out if I knew anything specifically related to the crimes he's accused of (NO!) or if I had ever known him to commit those types of crimes while we were married (NO!). So, although I found the interview to be fairly invasive (lots of questions about our sex life and related stuff...he is accused of sex crimes after all), I answered honestly and tried to remember as much as I could -- I have to say, it's hard to remember stuff that happened 10 years ago. I asked if they thought I'd have to get involved further, like at the trial or whatever, and they said they didn't think so since the only thing I really know about is him being a shitty husband, which is, sadly, not a crime.

So, here's to hoping that I'm done with this mess for awhile. The ex will be coming to trial in the upcoming months, so I will probably make an attempt to say something about that once it's done as closure for all of you that have emailed me and left comments on the story this summer...everyone was so invested in my story and I really appreciate that!
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