Monday, February 28, 2005

Putting on my thinkin' cap...but only if it doesn't mess up my hair.

I have to either (A) answer about 900 Evidence questions in the next two weeks, or (B) come up with an awesome extra-credit assignment in the next two weeks, in order to get a decent grade in Evidence (decent = higher than what I would usually accept because I'm trying to boost the GPA after last quarter's grade fiasco). As I've mentioned before, the professor loves poems, songs, plays...anything creative. In fact, someone from my class sang an AWESOME song in class today about Evidence, I don't know if it had a title but if it didn't I would name it "Dirty Evidence Innuendo Song." I am trying, and have gotten a tentative agreement, to have this individual record his song for me to put on one of those newfangled podcasts...I'll let you know when/if that works out. It was honestly the coolest song ever...and to have the total and complete huge brass balls to sing it live in front of the class AND professor is just amazing.

Anyway, back to me. I have to come up with a creative assignment. I have a feeling (by "feeling" I mean "I know with absolute certainty") that I'm gonna need some high-quality booze for this assignment. Should I try to write a short-story? A series of HAIKU (you remember what happened last time I took on the haiku master*...maybe I won't go there)? Perhaps a Michael Jackson song parody? Hmmmmm...gotta make it happen, and soon. I'll be thinkin' about this.

*I apologize that the comments don't show up on the archived me, they were a laugh riot.
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