Friday, February 04, 2005

Getting my feet wet

I *HATE* having wet feet. Wet feet is probably second only to being around someone throwing up on my list of things I truly cannot deal with being subjected to. This probably leads at least some of you to ask why I would move to the TVPNM, a place known for being generally rainy and wet all the time. I honestly have no just sort of happened.

So, today, although I didn't have any classes because my one Friday class got cancelled, I was headed out to school with all my "real" work to try to "finish" this project so my boss won't hate me forever, and it was raining. No problem. I will walk 9 miles out of the way to avoid a parking lot or a place on the road where the water is either super deep, or God forbid, deep enough that I can't tell how deep it is. I went ALL THE WAY around my apartment building to cross the street to the bus stop at a place I perceived to be the best for not getting my feet wet. And *right* before I got to the bus stop, I stepped in the world's larget puddle because I had so many books in my hands that I couldn't see it until it was too late.

I stood at the bus stop for perhaps 2 minutes debating what to do, and in the end, my overwhelming horror at potentially being stuck in soggy sneakers all day won out, and I went straight home, put on dry socks, and am now working from home in my pajamas.

In the end, I think this is better since I have to head all the way across town tonight for a friend's birthday party...two long roundtrip bus rides today in the pouring rain may have pushed me over the edge.

In lame hand news, yesterday in one of my classes the student presenter brought candy bars, the small ones that come in a long row in a package....and since she was sitting next to me, she handed them to me to open while she talked and I couldn't open the package because my left hand has no fine motor coordination at all. It was pretty awesome having 25 sets of eyes, all pining away for miniature Mounds bars, staring me down as I fumbled with a simple piece of plastic.

At this point I basically use my left hand like a lobster claw...I just aim at stuff I want and open and close it until it seems like I have a good enough grip to deliver the item to where it needs to be. Sometimes it's really funny when I THINK I have a good grip, but I don't, and I drop shit all over the place. Also, a new game I like to play is "put something in the left hand coat pocket and then spend an hour trying to retrieve it with completely numb left hand." It's like peek-a-boo for hands. I stick my hand in my coat pocket, do the lobster claw thing, pull out my hand to see if I have anything, and then, if I don't, I go back in. Repeat 90 jillion times a day looking for keys and cell phone. Fun!
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