Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I heart rhinestone glasses!

What's that you said? I look totally awesome in my new sexy hot law student glasses? I KNOW!

I am officially wearing my new fabulous glasses, and I'm happy to say that for the first time in weeks I can see fairly clearly out of my right eye...weird. I will borrow LQ's camera soon and put up a picture of them, the rhinestones are SOOOOOOO awesome...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny!

For tonight I am listening to some awesome Hawaiian music M.'s new HUSBAND (so weird to say that!) copied for me and working on Hearsay for my test tomorrow, and finishing up my Hearsay paper, which is (I HOPE!) mostly done. I can't wait to get all this Evidence stuff out of the way, only one more paper due and then I'm done with that class. My one and only "real" exam this quarter is in Fed Courts and it's three weeks from Thursday, GULP! My other classes all have papers of one sort or another. Good thing I have such a strong constitution, I *never* get sick...well, OK, I never get deathly ill twice in one month (Dear God, please do not take that as a challenge, OK?).
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