Thursday, February 24, 2005

What else am I forgetting?

In the last couple of weeks I was checking my accounts online and noticed a very ominous message regarding my car insurance (I have non-owner insurance so I can drive other people's cars)..."Please contact a customer service representative, your information is currently unavailable." OOOOOOOOOOOPS!

I first noticed the message before I went out of town, but I didn't have time or feel like dealing with it, so today I decided (FINALLY) to call and talk to them and see what was going on.

Customer Service Rep: "How can I help you?"
Me: "Well, I'm embarassed to admit that I think I forgot to pay my bill and my insurance got cancelled...I've had this scary message for the past week or so saying my information has gone unavailable and I need to call you guys."
CSR: "OK, let me check your information...don't worry, lots of people forget to pay their bills and we can just reinstate you if you're behind on your payments or something."
Me: "Great, wonderful..."
CSR: "Ummmm, Ms. Spatula?"
Me: "Yes?"
CSR: "You didn't forget to pay your bill, on January 13th you paid your account off for the quarter, you don't owe us any money until May 2nd."
Me: "I did? Weird!"
CSR: "Is there anything else I can do for you today?"
Me: "Uh...nope!"

God, I'm such a dope sometimes. I seriously spent a week worrying about a bill I just paid apparently.

On the upside, I just spend over an hour writing an analysis of an episode of Dr. Phil for my Law and Pop Culture class, I love getting school credit for watching TV. I've also noticed that since I got back from Oklahoma City I feel all weird and surreal. Like every day I just feel like I'm in this sort of fog...marching through the day but not really feeling awake or connected. I think it's at least partially due to the cold medicine....gotta wean myself off the dirty damn Nyquil, it's making me into a zombie.
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