Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sick. Sick!

I, for some reason, am watching this show Dr. 90210 on the E! channel. It is seriously totally sick. This guy is getting the supposed bags removed from under his eyes...he has highlighted hair and manicured fingernails, and he's getting plastic surgery for something that NO ONE in their right mind could ever think was wrong, there are NO bags! And, they show him talking to all his friends and he goes "Can you see what I'm talking about? Can you see the bags?" Swear to God, one of his friends goes "Well, no, not really, but I think if it will make you happy you have to do it."

WHAT?! I am seriously disgusted. Breast enhancement was a topic over at Clearly Erroneous not long ago, and unless I am seriously misreading the comments that were left over there, nearly everyone that commented said "Don't bother, men would rather have natural than big and fake" and several people commented on the safety of surgery versus the somewhat nebulous results. We are so deranged in this country that all these people would RISK THEIR LIVES to have bigger boobs or their INVISIBLE bags removed from under their eyes...this is real surgery with general anesthesia. Don't get me wrong, in general I am pretty much a fan of just letting everyone do their own thing...if you want some kind of plastic surgery (and can afford it financially and time-wise and mentally) then hey, go for it. But, I really do just think it is totally sick what people will go through to try to look a certain way that they perceive is necessary for them to be successful and loved. I'm supposed to be catching up on Fed Courts anyway, I better turn this shit off before I come totally unglued.
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