Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

I got nothin' folks. I think I have anxiety induced writer's block...everyone has been so great and enthusiastic and supportive of my "Epiphany" that I feel like if I don't write something good I'll be letting you all down. Unfortunately for all of us I think I may have used up all my "profound" for this year and all I've got left is a bad attitude and a public forum.

In that vein, let me give a shout-out to some of my favorite neighborhood miscreants.

Mr. Porn In The Library Guy -- oh yeah, he's still around.

Mr. Hacks up a Lung on the Bus Every Damn Morning Guy -- I want to especially thank you for exposing me to TB and also commend you on your choice of a large aluminum briefcase...snazzy.

Ms. Wears Sandals in the Wintertime Girl -- To you I say, way to filter out the fact that it's 40 degrees outside and choose your clothing based only on the momentary presence of sunlight.

Ms. Laughs Too Loud in Class at Things That Aren't Funny Girl -- You are making the rest of us uncomfortable because we fear that, given your complete lack of social awareness, you could snap at any moment. Just thought you should know. Also, maroon is not your color.

Mr. Begging for Money with "I Need Booze" Sign -- Sadly, that does not make me want to give you any money. If anyone needs booze around here it's me.

Mr. Guy Wearing the Gorilla Suit as a Snowsuit -- Um. Interesting. Does it stink?

Ms. Girl Who Works at the Bridal Shop and Thought It Was Funny that the Security Tag Was Left On and I Had to Borrow a Car to Drive There and Have it Removed -- You are a horrid bitch. I hope you are stuck in bridal retail for the rest of your life because I can think of no greater punishment.

I guess that's all for now (not really, I see a lot of annoying people everyday but my fingers are numb and this is taking too long)...I hope to think of some good things to blog about soon. As always, requests are required welcome.
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