Sunday, February 27, 2005

Brad, no chocolate! Your acne! Sarah, it's time for your cough syrup... Daryl, fasten the seat belt!

I am about to spend my afternoon babysitting for LQ's 2-year old child...if that's not the blind leading the blind I don't know what is. We are going to stack blocks and have snacks, and after that I'm pretty much out of ideas, but I'm sure it will be interesting.

I got NOTHING done yesterday school-wise. You would think I don't have exams coming up in two weeks, a 20-page paper due during exam week, and a huge project due in Admiralty that same week. Oh yeah, I am so totally f*&#ed right now I can't even see straight. If anyone has any good ideas for teaching myself Fed Courts in the next two weeks my email door is wide open, hit me up.

The good news is that next quarter (and I know I've said this before, but this time it's true) is going to be so much better time-wise. I am only taking three classes, Admin Law, Professional Responsibility and a seminar on Law and Terrorism. It's only 12 hours, which is "frowned upon" by the school, but whatever...their stupid rules won't allow me to graduate early even if I take extra classes because I have to do 9 quarters in residence, so they can kiss my ass. It's good to know that even though *technically* I will have all my credits done a quarter early, I get to stay on and will be FORCED to go to school full-time my last quarter and take classes I don't need so the school can bleed me dry in the name of thier own stupid and inexplicable rules. Awesome.

In other E. Spat news, I've been considering trying to find a church to go to. I kind of miss going to church and having *something* that forces me to leave my house on the weekend and take a shower and interact with other human beings. My big excuse right now for why I'm not going involves my lack of any non-denim wardrobe items...well, technically I guess I have a bridesmaid dress, but not sure how well that will go over! Who knows if I'll ever make it happen, but I've just been thinking about it.

I'm off to babysitting land, population one and a half. The child in question is way cute so I don't anticipate there being any fact, it is probably tougher on her having me for a babysitter than the other way around! :) If anything funny happens you people will be among the first to know.
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