Saturday, February 12, 2005 they need to share everything???

OK, I know I'm supposed to be studying, but I just *happened* to have this cheeseball movie on the Hallmark Channel on, and one part of the story line has me so creeped out.

The premise is that there are three daughters who are all getting married at the same time, and their poor harried parents are having to deal with the whole thing and pay for it, etc. Basically it's Father of the Bride but with three girls. I'm not sure if the girls are supposed to be triplets, but they all look exactly like each other...exactly.

So, here's the creepy part. The eldest daughter has this guy who has been in love with her forever. She lets him do everything for her, but secretly she's dating some rich Italian guy. When the Italian guy comes into town to ask her dad to marry her, and coughs up a huge-ass ring, she basically tells the lifelong friend guy "Hey, thanks for the years of support, you're a great friend...see ya at the wedding to Mr. Hottie over here."

Meanwhile, the youngest daughter is the "best friend" to this guy and has comforted him all throughout his unrequited love for her sister. Now that the sister finally threw him over, the younger sister is putting the moves on him, and obviously he has to respond or else there won't be three weddings, and it's in the script. So, basically, she knows he's spent his whole life in love with her older sister who looks exactly like her, and is now going to *suddenly* discover he's really in love with her and marry her.

Somehow this just seems kinda icky to me. I mean, how can she ever be sure he's really in love with her? How will Thanksgiving be? "Are you staring at my sister's tits? YOU ASSHOLE!"

Anyway, it's not a good movie, I don't recommend it.
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