Sunday, February 06, 2005

Semi-coherent update...

Happy I Don't Give A Shit About The Superbowl Day!

Don't get me wrong...I love the beer and snacks, but I don't understand football no matter how hard I try. It's sports math. Anyway, I only know one person who's having a party and there's no girls invited, so guess I'm just gonna have to sit around my house drinking beer and not understanding the game alone.

Yesterday I spent four hours at the horrible mall searching for ideas for a wedding gift for M. and K. NOTHING. Except that five minutes after I got there I wanted to kill about ninety different people for various social infractions. Let me just tell you, I understand kids can be hard to control sometimes, but when your wretched little beastie crawls under my dressing room door three times, I seriously think you need to consider one of those leash things or something. Also, when did all salespeople start calling customers "sweetie" and "honey"? I mean, I expected that in Texas, and it kind of sounds OK with a southern accent, but this is NOT Texas, so why the undue and overwhelming familiarity? It's *almost* as bad as when the waiter/waitress sits down at your table to take your order...I am perfectly able to admit my personal space needs are perhaps greater than "average" but I don't want people I don't know in my space. Unless they're James Spader. Or The Rock.

So, anyway, today I think I'm going to try to get all my reading done this morning so I can relax a little this afternoon. I turned in a bunch of work to my boss on Friday and he ALREADY wrote me back with new stuff to do. I love this job so much but I'm scared it will never be done and I'm going to be crazy with overwork forever...NOOOOOOO! GOD, this post has gone from bad to worse to unintelligible...sorry. I just thought that since Soup finally came back from his little "blogging vacation" I should too. Unfortunately for all of us I neglected to make sure I had something to say before I opened my mouth (keyboard?) and spewed out four paragraphs. I promise I have some good blogging ideas hanging out in my brain, one day I'll get to them. Until then you're stuck with this. Again, sorry. I have to go have animal crackers and Diet Coke for breakfast.

PS: What's up with Gwen Stefani's videos lately? WEIRD! I have VH-1's Top 20 videos on while I'm typing this...trying to catch up on what the kids are listening to these days. Far as I can tell, a lot of crappy music.

PS..uh..S: See my fabulous artwork over at AI. I'm calling it "Miami Vice in the Abstract." Not really, I just made that up. It doesn't have a name because it's great art, so great that no one will ever be able to understand its greatness...not until after I'm dead. I'm going to call it E. Spatula #1.
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