Saturday, February 12, 2005

Spending it like it's going out of style...

Best line from the play tonight: "No carbohydrates makes for one cranky motherfucker!"

Play = mediocre

Film that went with play = slightly better than mediocre with great potential to be much more

Wedding present for M. and K. = DONE! FABULOUS! She already knows what it is because I felt the need to get a go ahead before I spent that kind of money, but she's going to pretend to be surprised, and it's not like she's actually seen it or anything. No pictures or descriptions until after the wedding though so it will be at least mostly a surprise...this part she does know -- it's a piece of hand blown glass functional art.

Shopping and dinner with my friend (roommate from last year) = awesome!

Drink with dinner = SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!

If I can find a recipe for it I'll post it, something with bourbon, cranberry juice (I think), and a cherry. FAB!

Sephora = Bought two lipglosses that together are for sure The Super Fantastic.

More on the play and the lipgloss tomorrow, I am currently too exhausted to think, or type, or really be of much use at all. I'm going to put on my pajamas and my new lipgloss and read for a while. What a great day with nothing school related whatsoever, I even spent money like I actually have it. It felt so good!
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