Friday, February 04, 2005

Leave me alooooooooooooooone!

This is for people who are NOT my regular readers (I heart you guys)'s for the several people in the last few weeks who have started trying to use my site to draw readers to their own sites, some of them being commercial or pay for content sites. NO! QUIT IT! It's not like I get thousands of readers a day (or even a week)...go bug someone else!

If anyone would like to use any of the material on this site for their own non-commercial site -- well, that's fine, I even encourage it, seeing as how the blog world is basically built on a foundation of links.

However, if you are going to use my material, or anything else you found here, and NOT link back to me, and then think you're going to send a trackback to the post you took the idea/story from in order to try to direct people to your own site, well, that just really pisses me off. Not just because you are trying to use my site to get traffic for your own site without linking back to me, but because it's a pain in my ass to figure out where those trackbacks are, since you people are apparently going to great lengths to use posts that are either off, or almost off, the main page, and then delete them...that takes moments of my precious time that I could be using for other things, like bedazzling all my plain t-shirts, or making shrinky dinks.

So knock it off.
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