Wednesday, February 02, 2005


UPDATE IV 6:34am 2/2/05: Yesterday, in just one day, over 25,000 points were donated. Jeremy has upped the goal to 50,000 points by Friday (link fixed) so if you haven't donated any points, and you want to (and I know you do), just head over to Jeremy's and leave a comment telling him how many points you gave. An extra-special thanks goes out to everyone who donated yesterday -- from 100 points to over 3,000 -- what a great show of support! I wish that Lexis allowed charitable donations all the time, if I could give my points to the ASPCA or The Red Cross, I would donate them as fast I got them...

This one goes out to all the Lexis point-holders in the house.

Jeremy Richey notes that you can donate Lexis points to the Tsunami relief efforts. His goal is to have "blawgers" donate 4000 points, but I think we can do A LOT better than that. The catch, you have to donate by February 4th, which is Friday. If you decide to donate points make sure to let either me or Jeremy know (in his comments or mine) so that he can add your donation to his running total (or, if you prefer to stay an anonymous donor, hey, that's cool too).

I really wanted to publicize this because I don't know if other school's Lexis reps are advertising this, but I know mine isn't...and I think Jeremy's efforts to get the word out demand attention. This is such a great way to contribute -- there's a kajillion contests you can enter to earn more points and isn't this better than getting another gift certificate to The Olive Garden?

I am donating 400 points tomorrow, which I think is sadly just about all I have right now, but The Red Cross is welcome to them.

UPDATE 8:12am 2/1/05: Just in Jeremy's comments and mine, there are already well over 10,000 points donated. As many have pointed out, it's difficult to know exactly HOW much a Lexis point is worth, but it didn't cost me anything to get them and enough of them together will make a reasonable donation to The Red Cross from a group of people who aren't really known for having tons of cash to throw around, even to worthy causes. I'll be posting updates occassionally to the total when I have time, since I have to get out a calculator to add any numbers that aren't in increments of 10, 100, or 1000.

UPDATE II 2/1/05 12:36pm: Heidi left a comment that her friend at Lexis says 100 points are worth approximately $1.60. There are WELL over 15,000 points donated so far which means we've probably raised over almost $250 in just one morning (I hope that math is right, I used a calculator...math is haaaaaard).

UPDATE III 2/1/05 5:16pm: I just counted (study procrastination time) and we are at nearly 25,000 points, in ONE day...that's nearly $400!
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