Thursday, February 03, 2005

George, what do you know about cocaine?

As usual, I am ashamed at how uncool I am in the face of all your great prison movie picks. I chose the scene in Blow where George first meets Diego and George decides to teach the prison class to try to earn some brownie points to get out early and he and the prisoners decide to turn it into a how-to class on drug running. George and Diego also cook up their plot to move from marijuana to cocaine at this point too...George says "I went in with a Bachelor of marijuana and I came out with a Doctorate of Cocaine."

I told you yesterday, it's not the BEST prison scene ever (or even close), but for whatever reason (partially at least the music) I love the movie Blow. I even think Penelope Cruz is almost tolerable in it. Almost.

In a totally unrelated story (except that Ex#1 might be going to prison soon depending on the outcome of his trial) what can only be an Act of God, the place I had my first wedding reception has burned to the ground. It was a beautiful club, our wedding pictures were taken on the beach right behind it, and when my dad worked with the Space Shuttle program we often were able to drive down to that area and watch launches.
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