Thursday, February 03, 2005


I am feeling like a big whiny bitch today. Usually that's when I head straight for blog-writing time, but I think I might be so extra-special pissy today that it's not good to share. Which is fine because I'm an only child and I hate to share anyway. I especially hate it at restaurants when people want to share food...that makes me so mad. If you think my food looks good you should have ordered it, now get your dirty creepy hands outta my plate. /fork stabbing

See. I am going to class now to show my prison clip and watch what everyone else chose, which should be good for a laugh, and then I heard somewhere there was gonna be free beer this afternoon, so I might have to partake. Then I'm going home where I will eat comfort food, watch Thursday night trash TV and paint my toenails. Pink Glitter. So there.
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