Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm sober NOW!

Well, reports of my total and utter drunkenness last night were greatly underover-exaggerated. Actually, I did go to a fabulous German bar and have some Aventinus, after which my friend and her boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to come back here and drink more beer and watch Super Troopers...which we did. I drank a bunch of Chimay, ate some Chinese food, and generally had a great time. If I'm going to get nice and drunk I really enjoy doing it at home where I can lay around in my pajamas and eat cookies.

Today the agenda involves a day of shopping downtown for a wedding present for M. and K., and then dinner and a play with my same friend from last night. I plan to spend the gift certificate to Sephora the fabulous LQ got me for my birthday while I'm downtown...I think I might buy some new perfume for the wedding. Or new lipgloss.

Anyway, I'm off to at least pretend to read Fed Courts.
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