Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The wedding of the century...

OK...Evidence paper - check! Hearsay quiz - check! Fail Hearsay quiz - check check!

Well, at least it's over...for some reason I just couldn't get any of the answers right...I'm going to blame it on bad questions, certainly it wasn't lack of proper preparation.

Anyhoo...the wedding. M. and K. had a really wonderful, simple, laid-back wedding...heavy on the Guinness and light on the was awesome. M.'s custom made pink dress was a big hit, it had a real 20's feel to it, and she looked so gorgeous...she was amazing! The vows part of the ceremony lasted probably about 5 minutes, the guy who did the ceremony is someone from their squadron who happens to be ordained. They exchanged rings and vows and then basically everyone got booze and food and just hung out for a couple hours. After the wedding, M. and K. had a barbeque at their place with all the leftover beer and wine from the wedding.

The really great part about going out there was getting to meet M.'s extended family, and K. and his family. Despite having been super-duper-best-friends-forever with M. for nearly 13 years, I really hadn't met much of her family besides her parents and her two brothers. Her aunt, as it turns out, is a lawyer, and she is SOOOOO rad...she doesn't know it yet but she's going to be my new aunt now too because I don't have one. And her aunt's husband is totally cool too...makes me wish I had more than five relatives so I could get in on this "cool aunt and uncle" thing. K.'s parents were there and stayed at the house with me and M. and K. They were awesome too. K. is Japanese and from Hawaii and his parents were so gracious and laid-back. They cooked tons of great Japanese food for the barbeque, and imported these absolutely gorgeous tropical flower arrangements to put on the tables at the wedding reception, they had proteas and orchids and they were so beautiful.

At any rate, the entire time away from here was wonderful, and much needed. Even with being sick I had a great time. I think M. picked a really wonderful guy to marry, and I think K. is going to be a really good brother-in-law for me. It did sort of make me a little bit melancholy to see all these happy couples there...and I definitely felt really sad when I had to leave M. and K.'s house, with its dog, two cats, one ferret, and two people in love who have careers and are happy and making a life together. Just makes me want to be done with law school that much more.

So, that's the wedding trip highlight reel...overall I give the whole thing two thumbs up, and I wish that I could live with them forever! I would walk the dog every day and cook dinner and even vacuum...anything to keep from having to take my Fed Courts exam!

Oh yeah, here's a pic of the fabulous hand-blown glass candleholder I gave them as a present (the green one). When you burn a candle it looks like it's in a pool of water, the light shimmers and reflects. It's SO gorgeous, you'll just have to trust me.

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