Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Straight Outta Locash

I skipped my classes today to sit in a dark room in the library and do "real work" all morning. Now I am at home, sitting in a dark room doing "real work" while doing loads of laundry in the super-shitty laundry rooms. The common theme of all my activities today is "Not outside enjoying the beautiful weather." I did open all the windows though, which I think is actually making it even harder to focus.

At any rate, here's a chance for reader participation, which I know you all love. For my Law and Pop Culture class tomorrow I have to bring in a prison scene from a movie, because we just read a book about being in prison. I have one picked out, not really because it's my favorite but because I think other people won't choose it, however, I want to know: What is your favorite prison movie/prison scene in a movie ever? If you answer Shawshank Redeption or The Green Mile, that is -10 points for unoriginality. Cool Hand Luke and Silence of the Lambs are OK, but try to think outside the box. No pornos (looking at you AGAIN NDC) because, well, I don't's my question so I make the rules. Although, and this is maybe only moderately funny, there used to be this DJ on the radio station I listened to in Albuquerque that, whenever it might rain, would go "There's gonna be more rain than a women's prison movie" and I would always laugh. /stupid story

I'll tell you the one I picked tomorrow - don't expect anything great though, it's an ordinary prison scene that just happens to be in a movie I really like (but that, I think, a lot of other people hate). Alright, you have your assignment, get to it.
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