Friday, February 04, 2005


I got so much done today...I am Queen and Mistress of all that is Spreadsheet-y.

I watched Dr. Phil AND Oprah today. I know it's sick but I can't look away. Dr. Phil is like one of those fake TV psychics...he totally adjusts what he's saying to what the person says and so you get sucked in and think he was right the whole time. But I'm on to him. I'm a smartypants like that.

Also, the SBA is having our "Hump-Day" Party (i.e.: day that marks halfway through law school for us) on the night of the day I leave for M.'s wedding. If they had started advertising further in advance than 1.5 weeks perhaps I would have left Thursday morning, but judging by the general snubbiness of most of the people I go to school with, perhaps I wouldn't have. Yesterday after class, someone LITERALLY tipped their head towards me and commented to someone else that they were happy so many people seemed to not be paying attention because they thought it would help the curve. OH YEAH? Well, I'll have you know that even when I DO pay attention I still do shitty. So take that you big asshole.

Ummmm...what else. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do for Valentine's Day. Probably play the song "Alone Again Naturally" over and over again and drink an entire bottle of vodka just like every other year. Only this year I might splurge on Raspberry Vodka. I'm always open to new things. A holiday for lovers...fabulous.
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