Thursday, February 24, 2005

Day 10 Of My Captivity

My Admiralty class got cancelled this morning, so I got to sleep in for an extra hour this morning. Strangely that did not make me feel any better, but at least it's Thursday, which means my week is nearly over, I only have one class on Fridays...I just have to make it through the three I still have left today.

I keep forgetting to post about this, but LQ is moving to D.C. over the summer and has asked over at her place for help/suggestions about schools for her, schools for her kids, where to live, etc. So, if you have any great advice that you're just bursting to share, go on over there and share away!

Also, I promised AmbImb that as soon as I'm feeling a little bit better and get my voice back I will do a podcast over at AI. I guess that means I have to think of something to say, but you'll all be able to hear me talk about something. Considering the fact that in real life I never shut the hell up and I mostly ramble about nothing, I'm sure it will be a real treat for you all. Or not.

I guess I ought to get my stuff together and head to school...for some reason I am really unenthusiastic this morning about sitting in class for the rest of the day. Must be the fact that I am STILL feeling sick and it's been TEN days, I just want to feel healthy! I'm also watching The Today Show and as always I'm wondering what the hell is wrong with these people? Al Roker is NOT funny, but no one seems willing to tell him, and Katie and Matt and Ann(e?) are all just...I don't know...divorced from reality. Katie Couric, America's Sweetheart? What? Geez.
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