Friday, February 25, 2005


My garbage disposal just stopped working the other day, so I called the apartment complex office and filed a work order. The last few days I've basically been all pissed because the maintenance guy hadn't come yet and dirty dishes were piling up. So, tonight, I come home about 10 minutes ago and I'm all drunk because I've been drinking Aventinus all night, and here's what the completed work order laying on my counter said....

Fixed garbage disposal. Please quit putting gravel in the garbage disposal and it will work just fine.

Damn Beefy and his stupid tank cleaning, this is all his fault. If he didn't need "clean water" and "habitable living conditions" this would have never happened. Gravel in the disposal. Maybe I'm drunk, but a pile of blue gravel and a nasty note is SOOOOO funny right now. Damn.
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