Monday, February 07, 2005

Do you like pina coladas?*

Blogging Q&A, in which I ask you questions and you tell me answers (or you tell me to get off my ass and figure this shit out myself like an adult...but don't do that....pleeeeease?!).

Q1. I need to find a place to live this summer in D.C. I know all the usual ways (Craigslist, staying in dorms of local law school...etc), the problem is that due to the EVIL, HEINOUS, HORRIBLE quarter system I cannot be out of any sublet by the beginning of August when all the students come back. Also, I'm scared of Craigslist because almost everyone I know who's used it to find a sublet has been horribly disappointed. I need a place to live from mid/late June to beginning/mid September. A couple of people I know are asking their friends in the area if any of them want to rent out a room or their basement or something, but I'm taking all other suggestions.

Q2. I worked my way through college and went to night school, and did my M.A. in the Air Force, so this is the first year that I have NO income to report for taxes. The school did send me a thingie with my "qualified tuition expenses" though. Do I need to file taxes? I can't get anything back because I didn't pay any taxes (right?), but do I need to do it for my FAFSA? Last year I still had AF income to report from the previous year...that's why I seem so far behind the power curve here.

Q3. When my insurance plan says it covers "hardware" for vision services, what does that include do you think? Frames? No lenses? The office is closed until tomorrow so I can't call...I'm not just too lazy to call. Seriously.

Q4. Have you ever given/gotten a fabulous wedding present? I need ideas for M. and K. Something unique, something that doesn't suck but can be purchased on a student budget, and something that is gift certificates. Also, something I can send to their house, or take in a suitcase. Ideas?

OK...feel free to email or leave comments to any and/or all of these questions. Try to ignore the fact that I'm shamelessly using my blog to find out information I could probably discover on my own if I wasn't totally lazy busy.

*There is no reason for this title except it's been stuck in my head since I read this.
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