Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Like trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle.

My afternoon.

1. Borrow friend's car to go to work so I don't have to ride the bus. SCORE!

2. Fret the whole way there about where I will park. Develop stomachache at thought of having to parallel park...thus ensuring that the only place to park will be...well...parallel.

3. Drive around for 10 minutes looking for regular parking spot, find nothing.

4. Find spot alongside curb near sign that says "2 Hour Parking North of This Sign."

5. Spend considerable time and mental effort trying to figure out which side of the sign is North. Decide to guess and just go with it.

6. Pull up next to car in front of curbside spot, take deep breath, and prepare to parallel park.

7. Back up, turn steering wheel, hit curb with back right tire.

8. Curse loudly. Pull back up next to car in front of me. Start again. Hit back right tire AGAIN.

9. Pull back up. Deep breath. Try again. FAILURE.

10. Start laughing. Look around and try to decide if anyone is watching. Try again. And again. And again. And again.

11. THIRTEEN MINUTES and AT LEAST twenty tries later, get car into space and give up. Wipe sweat from brow.

12. Go to work. Comment to boss that it's a good thing no one was taping me try to parallel park because it was one of the lowlights of my life. Boss comments back "Well, sometimes it can be hard to get a big car into a small spot. Was it a small spot?" "Ummmm...well, no." "Well, what kind of car is it?" "Yeah, it's a Honda Civic." "BAHAHAHAHAHA"

Yeah, that's right, it took me thirteen minutes to get a Honda Civic parallel parked into a spot roughly the length of three basketball courts.

On the upside, he pretty much told me my project is winding down which means I should be done soon....that means 20 hours a week of my life are going to be mine again...HOORAY!!!!

For the LAAAAAAAAAA-DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (see comments if you think I'm being more crazy than usual)

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