Monday, February 14, 2005

You are the new me...

Does anyone want to guest blog while I'm out of town for M.'s wedding? You be tall, dark, handsome, funny, good-writer, not too picky, bad eyesight, like curvy girls with big, eyes. I'll bring the cookies, vodka, and porn whatever romantic shit it takes to get you to put out. I like long walks on the beach as long as they end at a bar, and candlelight dinners where you buy me tons of good, expensive beer and I pretend not to be easy.

Just kidding (unless you are this guy in which case, email is over there on the right). If you want to guest blog while I'm gone drop me an email, open to anyone who wants to do it I guess, if anyone does, subject to my proprietary approval. If not, I guess you're all stuck with perusing the archives while I'm gone because M. only has dial-up and I'm gonna be super busy being the bestest number one super fantastic bridesmaid ever (by which I mean, drinking an awful lot).
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