Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dumbasses on parade.

Team Natural Selection*: Extra-special Tuesday edition

1. Gang-banging can be hard...especially when you're a total dumbass.

2. Hmmmmm...my missile is broken (insert penis joke here)...how should I repair it? How about gas and a torch?

3. What should you do if you just buried a bunch of cocaine in your grandmother's yard and you need to get away...FAST? (Besides go straight to hell...that's your grandmother!!). Steal a car...of course! Only maybe next time try to pick one that's not up on jacks.

4. Finally, this teacher administered a "math" test I think I got on email a couple of years ago...the one with questions like "Jose has two ounces of cocaine," "Willie gets $200 for a stolen BMW," and "Raul gets six years for murder." I'm not sure this techically goes in the Team Natural Selection category -- but anyone who would take what was already a patently offensive email and then administer it to students is only moments away from cleaning his gun with a blowtorch or trying to light his grill with 2 gallons of gasoline...so he's getting *pre-inducted*.

*links to past winners losers participants.
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