Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I went to the pet store near campus today with a friend, both of us bound and determined to get ourselves some pet fish. I need a fish so I will have a pet to love and talk to and fuss over and my apartment doesn't allow dogs and I'm allergic to cats. So, I told my friend I needed a fish because I'm so excited about this "Beefy McManstick" thing (see below) and felt like I just really need a pet to pawn that name off on. And she said she was gonna get two fish, and they were going to be gay, and they were going to be so happy together and she already had names picked out. So, we got to the pet store and as it turns out he only carries salt-water fish, so we were all disappointed and had to walk back to school dejected and unhappy. At which time we had the following exchange:

Me: "God, this sucks. I'm so pissed...my fish already has a NAME...I need to a fish to call Beefy McManstick!"
Friend: "You think you're disappointed? My fish* already had names AND a lifestyle choice!"

In other news, as a word to the wise, if you bring your lunch on a paper plate into the ladies room, don't be throwing around the attitude when people put their backpacks up on the counter next to you food. You brought your lunch...INTO A BATHROOM! You have no room to be critical, ok? Back off.

*fishes? fishi?
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