Thursday, October 07, 2004


I was going to come home and write a nice long post. But instead, I went to a free beer event after school (actual name: TGIT) and now I am kind of tipsy, and really hungry, and I have two interviews tomorrow plus homework to no long post...not that I think anyone is worried about my posting habits late on a Thursday evening. Anyway, tomorrow I will be walking around in a suit all day looking awkward and uncomfortable, so if you see me make sure to say hi and comment on the run that I'm sure will be in my pantyhose about 4 minutes after I get to school, or 1 minute before I'm supposed to walk into the interview.

As a final thought friend spotted this license plate frame today (is it called a frame? a surrounder thingie? a cozy?):

My other ride is your daughter.
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