Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I've got two dollars in the jukebox, and five dollars in a bottle, and ten more just in case that don't do the trick...

My best friend M. sent me $20 the other day -- for which I am very grateful, seeing as how I'm a poor student...not really a "starving student" per se, but more like a "student in withdrawal." So, yesterday I take the $20 off the kitchen counter and put it in my pocket and notice there's writing on it. I take a closer look and believe me, I'd recognize M.'s handwriting ANYWHERE (can anyone say "penmanship of a psychotic serial killer?"). So, on the back of the $20 bill she wrote:

Shopping List:
Diet Coke
Ice Cream

I'm happy to say I've already used the $20 for one thing on the list and I've got change...which means, considering the neighborhood the school is in, I should be able to get the other three and still have at least $6.83 left over.

You're the best friend ever M.!!
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