Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Freak Out...

OK, so some totally cracked out woman from down the hall ("HI, I'm your next door neighbor in Apt X" which is actually in another part of the building and nowhere near my apartment)...came to my door just now and was just totally crazy and asked if she could borrow my laundry card because her card only has .25 on it and her laundry has been in the machine for two days and don't I know her daughter Rosemary because they live right next door and don't I remember meeting her a couple months ago (interesting since I just moved in) and she just knew that last time we met I looked like a nice person and I should definitely make sure to say hi to Rosemary next time I see her. Thank god I live in such a nice place where they keep out the crackwhores and psychotic freakshows.

UPDATE: Holy Shit...I can hear her in the hall now giving someone else her crazy sob story. Drugs are bad...mmmmmmkay.
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