Friday, October 15, 2004

My boyfriend, the do-gooder.

A very hearty THANKS to reader Frolics and Detours for sending me the following article about my boyfriend James Spader off the EOnline Tab Fab page.

Brat Pack Villain a Hero: Instead of highlighting obscene celeb overspending, this week the Good$ is also about the good. The National Enquirer reports that when Boston Legal star James Spader was leaving Santa Monica restaurant La Vecchia recently, a speeding car banged into a homeless man's cart, sending all his possessions sailing. Sensitive soul Spader ran into the street, dodging cars and helping the weeping man gather his stuff. Then he paid for his taxi to a nearby shelter. Spader reportedly pressed $320 into the man's hand, saying, "I'm sorry. That's all the cash I have, but please take it and buy yourself some new things." Spader rules!

I agree, Spader rules! *Sigh*
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