Thursday, October 14, 2004

OK...I'm really back now. are all the odds and ends and stuff I've been forgetting to post about and tell you guys (can I say guys if it's only one reader?).

1. The callback went well. I got there and was waiting for about 20 minutes before they called me back to the conference room...and to make a rather long story short, about 10 minutes after that one of the interviewers walks in late and goes "I have been sitting in my office for the past half hour thinking about how awful you are, and how you're late, and how you must really not want to be a summer associate here because you're a half hour late...and then I found out you've been here the whole time and I'M the one who's late." It was kind of bizarre because I had definitely been sitting the waiting room for like 20 minutes thinking "Why the hell are they making me wait so long?" Anyway, a failure to communicate I guess. I met a couple of the younger associates who recently were summer associates and of course they said they liked it, etc.... I feel a lot better about them then I did after the first interview...both about the interview itself and about them as a firm. Anyway, guess we'll see what happens.

2. My very nice friend from school lent me her digital camera, so I will be getting the pictures that were requested up this weekend I hope.

3. I saw Mt. Saint Helens TWICE and both times there was steam and stuff coming out of was really cool. I took a picture out the window while I was stuck in traffic with the aforementioned digital camera, so if it comes out, I'll post that too.

4. I'm SWAMPED at school...somehow every day I get a little bit more behind. This weekend I vow to get at least semi-caught-up. No boozing. This time I mean it.

5. My ex sent me this pic of our dog...Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Look at his freakishly long tongue. When he was a baby and we first got him, he almost died of parvovirus, and I sat at the pet hospital with him for DAYS while he had tiny little IV's in his puppy legs, it was awful. We spent almost $1000 keeping him alive within the first week we had him because I had fallen in love and absolutely wouldn't hear of having him put to sleep. When the ex and I got divorced he kept Leroy because he had a yard...but he's been really good about sending me pictures of our "baby boy" and letting me in on the milestones in Leroy's life (first time he broke through the fence and chased a car, first time he ate a major piece of many chicks he helped my ex get after the divorce). Anyway, I thought this pic was funny...enjoy.

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