Friday, October 15, 2004

I need my caffeine...NOW!

Oh. My. God. Is there anything funnier than two 1L's who've been in school for two weeks now having a high-minded conversation first thing on a Friday morning? I can't even write an accurate parody of what they're saying because it's already so ridiculous -- I'm not sure I could improve on it by trying to make it funny. Apparently they read a case last night that lends itself to phrases like "Well, I'll say this, his reasoning is absolutely razor sharp, but what a dick." The part I like the best is the pseudo-intellectual pontificating at TOP VOLUME so we can all hear the opinions that they heard on NPR this morning.

I mean, who says to a fellow student "Let me just finish my thought here because I firmly disagree with your position on this and I would like to have a chance to explain to you why I went from being a true liberal to being a social liberal and a fiscal moderate"? Also, apparently she will "Never be caught dead taking a paycheck from a libertarian law firm." But, she also said she has a crush on John Stossel...isn't he a libertarian?

I'm just gonna concentrate on my Diet Coke and try not to laugh out loud.
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