Friday, August 20, 2004

Team Natural Selection Rides Again

This guy was apparently selling military ordnance on Ebay -- and got a little too cozy with a live shell. Oops.

Best quote: "Carlos Baixauli, an ATFE spokesman, said it appeared the round exploded when Macleod was trying to make the 20mm shell safe by drilling into it and removing the charge."

Yeah, nothing renders a shell safe faster than a good drilling.

Other best quote: "While waiting for the Army bomb experts to arrive, Sarasota authorities probed a 3-foot-long cardboard package on the lawn."

Heh heh...probed.

Final and last best quote: "Baixauli said bomb squad members tried to X-ray the package but it appeared to be shielded by something. Authorities then remotely fired a shotgun at the package, twice, in an attempt to open it and reduce the chances it would go off."

Kind of like the drilling...I'm not certain the "shoot it and see if it blows up" method is necessarily best here. But hey, I'm no expert. I normally only shoot at things I'm relatively certain aren't bombs. But that's just me.
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